About Rudolph and Santa's Reindeers

Santa's reindeer team are incredibly special. They were each selected for their speed, stamina, ability to work in a team and mainly because they love children. They sleep in state of the art heated stables and eat special reindeer feed, formulated by Redda Bibi, Santa's elf in charge of reindeer care. He says it's a mixture of nuts, corn and a special 'secret ingredient'.

The Reindeer names are:


The newest reindeer to the team, easily identified by his red nose is Rudolph the reindeer. Rudolph's glowing red nose acts as a lantern on foggy nights to help Santa Claus see where he is going.


Dasher is the fastest reindeer ever to exist and is always the winner at the reindeer games. The reindeer games are held in July making this Dasher's favourite time of the year -except Christmas of course!


Dancer is Santa's prettiest reindeer, and doesn't she know it! Dancer spends most of her time looking at her reflection in the frozen pond.


Some of the elves say Prancer is slightly simple - but Prancer is always keen to please and works ever so hard pulling the sleigh and he is very strong.


Vixen is the cheekiest reindeer of them all and sometimes even plays tricks on Santa Claus himself! Vixen is very funny and makes the others laugh lots.


Comet is a very serious reindeer and likes peace and quiet. On his nights off, Comet enjoys looking at the stars.


Cupid is a very shy reindeer and mother to Donder and Blitzen. She spends all her time looking after Donder and Blitzen and stopping them getting up to mischief!


Donder thinks he should be classed the fastest reindeer, so is always challenging Dasher to races.


Blitzen is the peace-maker in Santa's reindeer herd. She hates fights and is very good at helping the others to make up after an argument.

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