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Hello! I am Elgin, Santa's elf in charge of the ‘Naughty or Nice List'. Earlier, I was taking Christmas letters to the North Pole post-box, the List tucked safely under my arm. All of a suddenly, bang, crash, my face was in the snow and a big stick tangled around my feet. So, I got rid of the stick and scooped Santa's letters up out of the snow- damp but otherwise fine. But the List! The bump has knocked the magic out and it's all jumbled up! Please can you help me to begin sorting it out?

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If you can help, I'm sure Santa will write to you as a big thank you. He can email you, write a letter for you to download (I've been teaching him about the internet you see!) or send you a special christmas letter in the post. If you want a Father Christmas letter to download or a letter from Santa in the post, you will need to ask a grown up to pay a small amount towards internet or post costs.

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